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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that is heat and chemical resistant. Although the EPA and CPSC have barred this material in many products, it can be found in older buildings and furnace insulation. Hygenix Inc. in Fairfield County, CT, provides asbestos testing and remediation to prevent asbestos contamination in your building.
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Health Effects That Can Occur From Prolonged Exposure

Although exposure to asbestos doesn’t typically cause immediate symptoms, long-term contact increases a person’s risk for conditions such as:
  • Asbestosis - This non-cancerous lung disease is due to scarring of lung tissue by breathing in small asbestos fibers. To date, there is no effective treatment.
  • Lung cancer - People who have worked in an industry where asbestos is present are far more likely to develop lung cancer; however, the onset of the disease may not occur for 20 to 30 years after exposure.
  • Mesothelioma - A rare cancer directly linked to asbestos exposure.

Testing Services

Asbestos testing must be done with a specialized microscope. You should always use an accredited laboratory to perform this procedure. Cutting into the material where you suspect asbestos can actually increase your own exposure, because materials in good condition won’t release the hazardous fibers. Our professional experts have the knowhow to test your home or business while staying safe.

Clean Up Your Property Today

The biggest hazard of asbestos is when the material is damaged, so if you suspect you have it in your home or business, don’t panic. If you are remodeling or you need repair, it is best to let the professionals handle the cleanup. Contact Hygenix Inc. in Fairfield County and Stamford, CT, at 203-324-2222 or 800-201-1227 for asbestos and lead testing. Keep the occupants in your building safe.

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